Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2) In continuation to my previous post have a look and the interior of the Roman Colosseum, it is undergoing a major restoration works. One can see barracks/passageways below the ground which is open for visitors. The seating arrangements were such that this huge Arena can hold upto 60,000 people who can watch and cheer … More Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2)

Your Smile! <3

No wonder what I can do for this smile.. I love you the moon and back, though it’s a million mile.. I don’t appraise the’s your smile which brings back the style.. I promise I will never break your heart cause as I know it just beats for me, and I will handle it … More Your Smile! ❤

Roads I walk!

The sun sets but the spirit will never… The roads will end but hope will never. I will rise and shine as bright as ever.. Your love will keep me going forever…. © Sajal Gupta – 21.11.2018