Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2) In continuation to my previous post have a look and the interior of the Roman Colosseum, it is undergoing a major restoration works. One can see barracks/passageways below the ground which is open for visitors. The seating arrangements were such that this huge Arena can hold upto 60,000 people who can watch and cheer … More Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2)


In the picture, you have the Shanghai Tower on the right (World Second Tallest -632m) building of the World after Burj Khalifa. On the left is Shanghai World Finance Centre (Nicknamed as Bottle Opener) and in the Centre is traditional looking JinMao Tower. Together they form World’s Highest three adjacent Skyscraper!

How’s the View?

How’s the view? In the picture lovely Triplet towers of Marina Bay Sands, the top floor i.e 60th floor is Infinity Swimming pool which connects the 3 towers! The shot is taken from the Garden By the bay (details inside this link Singapore – Gardens by the Bay : Travelogue) PC – SAJAL GUPTA Location … More How’s the View?