Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2) In continuation to my previous post have a look and the interior of the Roman Colosseum, it is undergoing a major restoration works. One can see barracks/passageways below the ground which is open for visitors. The seating arrangements were such that this huge Arena can hold upto 60,000 people who can watch and cheer … More Italy You Beauty – Rome Colosseum (Part 2)


#NoWordsChallenge (A sunshine does not need any words, it shines on its own). PC – Sajal Gupta Image Location – Lonavala, India (Railway Station)

Bylanes of Changzhou!

Changzhou an unknown but highly developed and an easy going city of China! Termed as city of dragons, it is famous for Combs! Well I got some time to walk through the bylanes of the comb shops street and the authenticity of the traditional Chinese architecture was awestrucking.