Confusion and You!

All my life I walk along confusion and seriously it makes my whole life fade and dim

When I was needing faith and hope, confusion took my hand and obscure my vision

I was too confused and I was too weaken that even God himself could not incite me

Days were leaving and hours were running and I was still searching my way in haze

And it happens one day

Someone was passing through all that haze and mist as she was coming to kindle my confusion with all her clarity and calmness

My eyes were torched with faith and hope and no longer I was searching my way in haze

That moment and only that moment I was praising confusion as it leads my way to you.

Confusion and you.

~ AYUSH Kaushik.

5 thoughts on “Confusion and You!

  1. The confusion can ail and the story has layered the element in a very sensitive way making an interesting read. Enjoyed the writing genre and looking for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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