Italy You beauty – Stay Strong (Rome, Colosseum)

During 2013 summers, I had got lucky enough to travel to Italy over a vacation. The trip started with a 3 day stay in Rome.

I was about to witness all I had knew about Italy, Roman Empire during my school days learnt from my history books.

I will start of this Chapter with ‘The Colosseum’. The grandeur and size of this mammoth amphitheatre speaks for itself. It is one of the biggest structure I have seen ever. It’s really baffles my thought that how this huge structure was built 2100 years ago without any machinery or modern technologies.

The moment I entered, I could imagine Gladiators fighting a battle of his life, the crowd cheering for their warriors. One can see the huge arena and the passageway below it where wild animal and Gladiators were kept and transported.

Thankfully many restoration works are in progress trying to keep intact the historical value of the Colosseum and many stories which it holds.

Camera – Nikon D90
A shot which I enjoyed while taking with moonlit over the Grand Façade and contrasting sky.

~Sajal Gupta
A shot taken in the evening, when the sky started to grow dark and the moon started hovering over the Colosseum.

Well once you finish the tour, one can enjoy taking pictures getting dressed as a Gladiator and enjoy their favourite Italian Gelato.




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