Italy You Beauty – Trevi Fountain

Waking on the Roman streets, one can definitely not miss the beautiful ‘Baroque’ styled fountains.

These fountains were source of pure water to the Romans, Trevi fountain which is considered the most famous one in the World is unmissable when you are in that part of the World.

Located in the heart of the city, the backdrop to fountain is the Palazzo Poli which gives this place an aura which can enchant any passerby.

Trevi Fountain (Nikon D60)

Well, yes it was crowded as it’s one of the most visited place in Rome and there is a strange and fun Coin throwing ritual, facing backwards one has to throw a coin over right shoulder and just ‘Make A Wish’.

Can you believe around 3000 Euros valued coins are thrown into the fountain each day.

Overall it is a must visit site, you will lost in the Aura of this beauty.

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