Italy You Beauty – Vatican City

Vatican City – Well it’s a country enclaved in a city, confused? Welcome to the smallest country in the World ‘Città del Vaticano‘.

This country is known for its religious and cultural sites like the biggest church ‘St. Peter’s Basilica’, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel holding the most famous paintings and sculptures.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica:

Being designed by Michelangelo and Bernini it is an prime example of Renaissance architecture. The moment you read the Sqaure it will amaze you by its grandness and art deco. The Centerpiece of churche’s square is a tall Obelisk.

As you start climbing the stairs towards the main entrance of church one gets engulfed in the aura of spirituality. A sense of peace start prevailing no matter what is the belief of you religion.

It’s very difficult to bound the internal beauty of this church in words, each and every wall, pillar, Dome even glass windows depicts a unique story of its own.

The Altar

Waking toward the Altar, located just below the main dome, reminds you the finesse of architectural magnificence in the 16th Century.

We spent quite a good time in appreciating the details of the paintings and overall structural design, but more than that we had a feeling of peace within our soul.

As this place is a main site of a major movie ‘Angels and Demons’, I was able to recall each and every moment of the movie.

Night view of the Piazza, during the evening prayers.

Happy Easter

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Roman Colosseum

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