Road I chose

I was bleeding heavily and crossing the wavy ocean before I touched the land.
Swampy was it and so things looked out of my hand.

I dragged myself out of the boat and stood shakily on the beach.
My eyes started searching the way  to escape the shore, there were high tides and they were about to reach.

I pushed myself to cross the bay, dense woods were ahead and there looked no way.

I reached a point where it was all dark, and I could hear the rising waves and some animals bark.
I crossed the forest and reached the plain, I saw two ways, one was dark and creepy and other looked safe.

I looked the concrete road and could hear a vehicle sound, I sprinted my way before I stumbled over the ground.
I fall down on the road and broke my leg, the speeding vehicle romped over me and now I lay dead.

I couldn’t escape the death but my soul did it flew to the other way which I had chosen to miss.
The entrance was dark but just across was a stairway to heaven, my soul taught me a lesson, don’t rush before you choose your road, may be it’s easier but doors could be just closed.

~Sajal Gupta

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