Where are we heading?

I sometimes wonder where are we heading? We are in a new decade the energy and enthusiasm must be on a high, but with all the negativity all around it leaves a deep impression that the future looks bleak.

Right from US-Iran turmoil, to widespread Indian protests, to global economic tensions, to everyday worsening climate conditons, to increasing terrorism/extremism/crimes/rapes we are surrounded with such plethora of depressing aspects which makes me seriously ponder what’s next?

In a era where technology should be the biggest boon, it’s turning out to be one of bigger bane. Social media is used to spread hate more than facts. The greater the technological advancement of weaponaries the more threat it brings to the society. No wonder the AI and super intelligent machine/robots/droids will bring forward.

They say data is the new oil, but lets not forget the ‘Oil’ has brought so many wars till now so one can wonder what the new oil would be up to. Brightest mind are growing fanatical. A time where innovations are at its peak, a greater threat looms for cyber crimes/thefts, data privacy et al.

Above all this most disappointing and depressing point is the incrementing distance between each other hearts, decreasing mutual respect in the name of cast, Creed, religion, social status.

Jai Hind.

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