Monaco – A true heaven!

(Monaco Train Station – PC Sajal Gupta)

Monaco has an area of just 2.020 km2, making it the second-smallest country in the world after the Vatican. It is a Mediterranean country along the French Riviera in Western Europe.

Surrounded by France and very close to Italy stand this beautiful country.

Monaco is known for being Tax Haven for the rich and famous, due to its tax laws. In 2014, it almost 40% of the population were millionaires.


(Larvotto Beach – PC Sajal Gupta)

Mediterranean sea is quite and crystal blue with a lovely shade. The aura is such an amazing feel to relax your nerves. The moment you touch the sea it renders to sooth you!

(Fontvieille Harbour- PC Sajal Gupta)

Fontvieille – One of World most expensive residential spaces, with residents including Hollywood Stars, Tennis players, Formula 1 Drivers and more.

Up the hill there is the Presidential complex, with President’s residence and military station with the Monaco-Ville (Old style European village) with colorful facade.

Monaco’s population is mere 38000 with most densely populated. But the per capita is amongst the highest (approx 170,000 USD)

Monaco is known for its Grand Casino – Casino de Monte-Carlo.

(Monaco-Monte Carlo – PC Sajal Gupta)

Monaco is known for its Street Formula 1 Race. I was lucky enough to see the preparation and interact with Ferrari team there and the paddocks.

The most amazing part was one can see Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley zooming every minute infront of their eyesight!

If you want to visit a lavish place I would recommend Monaco ahead of Hong Kong.

Monaco is truly a H(E)AVEN

© Sajal Gupta – 20.12.2018

43 thoughts on “Monaco – A true heaven!

  1. I don’t live far from Monaco but it represents much of what I dislike, a concrete jungle full of tax-avoiders. It’s not somewhere I would wish to live but can understand it’s a lovely place to visit. Of course, most of its residents don’t live there, just rent a small flat, most have a much larger property over the border in France.

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  2. No doubt this is a great post with informative texts and beautiful pictures of Monaco, Sajal. Also, I am glad you enjoyed your stay there. However, and to be honest, Monaco would not be my taste. It seems to be a place just designed for very rich people, too urbanised beaches, and cars, cars… polluting everything and worsening the climate change effects. I do not even have a car and always ride my bicycle to the nearest places. As for the sea, I couldn’t agree more with you that it has a relaxing effect, a nerve killer. I love being in places surrounded by trees and water. Well, after all I am a Mediterranean since I come from Catalonia and live only 12 km from Barcelona in a town that is not so crowded. I only need to ride my bicycle for about 11 km to find a most beautiful beach, still unspoilt. It is such an inspiring place to take pictures and write:

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    1. What an amazing article and Pics man!!
      True are a true Traveler.
      Keep traveling and writing . Wonderful ❤

      Love from France.

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