CRICKET World Cup 2019 Begins!!

Well the past few weeks have been all sorts of amazing and putting close to all sorts of unanswered questions (Sort of). RIP!

We got to know the End of Avengers Endgame, we ultimately saw who conquered the GoT’s Iron Throne, eventually we got to see who will be sitting on the real Throne (India’s PM For next 5 years).

Well a lot of such hot burning topics came for a closure, but what begins now is the Cricket World Cup!

Will England finally kiss the Trophy they have been eyeing since the invent of this tournament back in 1975? Or will India regain there claim to supremacy? Or we will see some surprise dark horse winning it? Will South Africa finally be laying off the chokers tag.

This will be the most brutal and an evenly drawn tournament where all 10 countries having equal chances of winning the World Cup.

Let the show BEGIN.

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