Eiffel Tower – Travelogue

ancient architecture art building
Photo by Frank Zienert on Pexels.com

Truly one of the most breath taking structures around the world.
One should never miss going to the top to get a feel of Cloud nine and the entire Paris city.

Whether you see it from Tracedaro or Sacre couer of from any where you will enjoy the view to it.
And the best part is when you have a bird eye view from the top floor of Eiffel, you will definitely fall in love with Paris.

Specially one should never miss an hourly Shimmering in the evening.
And the 14th July celebration is seriously amazing. 
Proud to be a viewer of that.

photography of the eiffel tower
Photo by YesManPro on Pexels.com

48 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower – Travelogue

      1. I love to travel but I cant travel too much because of all the things I do but I love my life a lot even though I dont get what exactly I want because I believe that I dont get it now so I will get it later and more than what I had expected..!

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