Racing and pacing towards 2020.! (An award winning Article)


From the country of the snake charmers to a nation being the second highest software exporter; there has been a radical transition in our motherland’s facade during the past 50 years. The question lies ‘How distant still is the Vision 2020 as envisaged by the Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam, AB Vajpayee, Narasimha Rao?

Can we complete the portrait in next 5 years?

In a recent news article China accepted that soon Indian can supersede its throne of “leading Manufacturers of the world” in the next 5 years, currently we are at fourth in the manufacturing competitive indices. So are we moving in the right direction, the answer is YES! The next question lies how much the canvas is painted?

In country of 1.25 Billion souls such financial revolution takes ages, but since 1992 Liberalization as per this country has exhibited an immense transition in global economy and the statistics are the proof of such prowess. GDP(PPP) we stand tall at 3rd rank with 8 Trillion Dollars; we have a stable government which promoting its brand to Make in India which is enabling India as an exporting dominant nation. So on financial aspect we can slam the slogan “India is shining”.

So on economic terms we are at par to the visionary 2020 goals. But was this the only object on the canvas? No! Economy is just an essential factor and not the only. We are still lagging behind on many points namely Urban-rural divide, Corruption, Adequate essential resources to all, Advanced healthcare, Eradication of poverty, Education to all etc.
If you survey the same question to the Aam janta I am sure 90% replies would be “Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”.

The reply may be generic or uttered despondently but if we see the larger picture they all are saying the naked truth. The urban-rural gap is ever widening, poverty and unemployment is leaping out of bounds, advanced healthcare is available only to those who can afford it, Level of education is going down, thanks to reservations, Corruption (well this blog is insufficient to mention the number of digits involved), Rapes, murders, terrorism, babudom, they all are providing a hindrances to our 110m hurdles race to 2020.

There is a huge gap between the vision and hard core reality, but this is not the end of the roads. Despite a bleak present I know somewhere lies a shining future. Each of the one among 1.2 billions have changes our mindset because rising economy can only provide the force but we have to resolute to drive the nation ahead because it time to make this vision verisimilitude. “Is desh main zaroor kuch hoke rahega”

© Sajal Gupta – 13.11.2018

57 thoughts on “Racing and pacing towards 2020.! (An award winning Article)

  1. The problem is that not all Indians have been equal beneficiaries of this radical transformation. The income gap between different classes has also radically widened. Majority of Indians living conditions are still not at par with the world average. A few 10% still control the 90% of the Indian public institutions. Unless there are radical changes in the structures of Indian society which is still filled with the evils of caste system, subordination, communalism, etc these radical transformation in the arena of science and space will make little difference in the lives and status of the majority of Indians. Its is shameful if we try to befool them with lustrous fantasies that’s not gonna bring any real changes in their way of life and socio-economic status. These elite achievements can only help elite Indians harp in front of elite foreigners. 🤔


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