Soch lia tha!

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Soch lia tha ke fir uthh ke na girenge kabhi..

Par andaaza galat tha teri ankho ka..

Jinhe dekh ke fir se girna sikha lia..

© Sajal Gupta – 19.11.2018

78 thoughts on “Soch lia tha!

      1. Hehe.. Yah.. Actually Dr.Sneh Desai inspired me to do this.. He is really great.. You should definitely listen his speeches atleast once.. His one statement changed my life.. “When you want a mobile phone, a laptop and a vehicle early then take responsibilies also early.. Start doing something different than others before you are 18.”

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                  1. Yes boards.. I am trying to balance it.. My family supports me to do both because this is my career and boards means just a one time show.. so thanks to them for being there with me..

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