Need Suggestion for novel/novella

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I am in process of writing a novel/novella of a story which was running in my head for long time.

I would suggestions from all of you, on –

  1. What should be the length (how many words it should have?
  2. How many chapters I should write, and how many words in each chapter?
  3. Till now I have written around 18 chapter containing almost 14K words, is that Okay?

22 thoughts on “Need Suggestion for novel/novella

  1. Length or chapters does matter if the subject is weary and unacceptable by the readers but if you feel your work is worth reading and interesting and could create a definite page turner, you must not look for the pages. Putforth the complete idea. People will enjoy it. If it is that long for making into a single book, do try series. Go ahead.


  2. Wow 18 chapters super incredible and depending on the theme, I think 200 is good enough for a romance novel and novella 120 pages sounds cool. My writing has taken a beating and been dancing for years with my novel due to laziness and burn out or fear, I guess. Wish you all the best.

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  3. That’s great to know!
    Be sure to write it with your emotions and real feelings in it, that always brings life into words!

    All the best and I hope you be successful with it… and also that I read your book real soon! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. 10 to 50K sounds about right. The stumbling block for me is knowing when to END the story. Some of us just keep writing because of the amount of words – instead of the plot.

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  5. 18 chapters in just 14K words? Isn’t just a bit, out of the book? I mean, on an average, it will be just what, 700 – 800 words per chapter, right? So, if you are planning to publish it (literally), it can make several problems in the pagination side. A normal A4 sheet can hold around 500 words ( plus or minus 100, considering the font size, and indents), and a book page with 12pt font (preferred) can hold around 250 – 300. Which makes, after each 3 – 4 pages (sides), a chapter will end/start in your book. Just think about, it’s more than uncommon. Since, I don’t know anything about what’s on your mind, like genre, style, theme, etc, I cannot shed more lights on it. Hope this helped. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Thanks for the reply & like.

        What I just said above is, purely on the publishing view (both online & offline). But, if you are going to post it here (or anywhere else, like similar blogs), it doesn’t matter, you can do it as such. But still, I prefer them long. AMA, if you have any doubts on it, and I will be happy to help with what I know. You know where to find me, or, ping me on

        Now about the WCG, the Guild, for joining in it, you need to comeup with a story of similar theme depicted there. And if you can, please do, and I will make sure you are in it, by sending you an invite. Thanks for the offer by theway.

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