Nature – Do not dare to mess with it.

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Nature gives us life, but try to mess with it can cause apocalypse.

Sunshine, air, water which are dearest to all living beings nature provides us, but we the mankind only have have done things which have resulted it to become deadly global warming, the life taking pollution which is making the mother earth a gas chamber and dearth of water has made the land barren and resulting in farmers committing suicide.

It’s high time we preserve it, conserve it or else its natural that Nature will take back what it has given to mankind in one cyclone, tsunami, flood, famine, quake etc.








49 thoughts on “Nature – Do not dare to mess with it.

  1. People in 1900’s imagined future to be an utopia. Today, we predict apocalypse and human extinction. This is what we are steering our world towards. I second your views…. the masses and the governments must come forward to tackle the menace of pollution, global warming and industrialization.

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  2. Very beautifully written and oh so true. The Preservation of Nature is very important. When I see trees coming down, land being surveyed… more storage places going up.
    Then A Family of Deer running along freeways lost. Empty house and people losing their homes.
    I wonder who is winning in this???
    Investors…Builders…Greed Running Rapid

    InHisCare πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’œ

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      1. I do think so too. But we can still have hope and we can try to make things better by giving something in return to nature, right?


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