Winner – No Words Wednesday : Challenge #9

This week the challenge No Words Wednesday – Challenge #9 was to post photo of BIRDS with a viewpoint that some pictures needs no description as it should speaks on its own and the viewer can get Indulge in that picture and weave their own imaginations.

I feel very ecstatic to see the excellent response received, with lots of people sharing their amazing pictures. Below are the fellow bloggers who participated in this challenge. Do have a look at their work and stunning pictures posted.

I am glad to announce that the Winner of this Challenge is – Popsicle Society

Do check it out their work right now and thank you all for liking this photography contest and participating!

bird red animal colorful
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on

24 thoughts on “Winner – No Words Wednesday : Challenge #9

      1. Form is used for secondary students meanwhile standard is used for primary school students. I am now the senior of the school😀….I am 17 years old which will be known as form 5 students in secondary school😄✌✌

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  1. Sure I can but I am quite busy in my exam preparation….my school holiday is also about to end. Tommorrow the school session will start. I will be as busy as bee

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      1. Was taken to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. The best thing is that you enter in this huge aviary where the birds are free to fly and they are in their habitat. These 3 were so cute loving each other 💕

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