Snow Day in Paris – Tour Eiffel

Well it was a very snow filled Sunday, it had snowed for the last two days and temperature was around -10 degrees Celsius. My friend and I decided to take a ride of the Paris city to experience once in a lifetime opportunity. Unluckily that day bus services were down, cabs frequency was very low. We took RER train to reach nearest station to Eiffel then had a long walk towards Eiffel Tower.

We walked around Avenue de New York by the side of River Seine, There is small river port around, the boats and yachts were all covered heavily with snow. We simply loved this experience and our eyes shined up by this wonderful sight seeing. The roads were all full of snow, the weather was all but very gloomy. This didn’t dampened our spirits and we walked and walked around the streets of Paris that day, and captured the best of photographs during my Paris stay.

~Circa 2013, Personal memoirs, Sajal Gupta.
PC – Sajal Gupta. Location – By the River Seine, Paris

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