Paper planes πŸ›«

My feeble hands twist and turn a piece of paper.
No matter the shape, no matter the science but my imagination makes it better.

I wish my fantasy quickly turns into real.
I want to fly as high I can, though my dreams are surreal.

Do not kill my imagination with your expectations.Β 

Do not kill my vision with this much pressure.
Though today it’s just a paper plane, but for me this is my self made treasure.

Β©Sajal Gupta – 11.01.2019


PS – I wrote this poem after observing a child making very indigenous paper plane (unique designs on his own), while his mother pushing him for studies very harshly.

If you had noticed I gave this poem the rainbow color tone so that the colors or life never fade away with pressure.silhouette photo of man throw paper plane

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on


91 thoughts on “Paper planes πŸ›«

      1. Time you did you could be missing a whole new audience. Try just using google drive (easiest and most compatible with other bligs) add the voice clip to the bottom of your work and ask at the bottom of your post “let me know which you prefer, spoken word or written”

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  1. These are the most deep lines I’ve ever read buddy…You written it such depth and emotions…I can rotate related with this at this stage of my Life…Thanks a million times for sharing such beautiful and heart touching lines…It left me in complete awe..😍

    Liked by 3 people

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