Digital Detox – Train Journey

Recently I was traveling in a train for a long distance, it was a 24 hours journey (fairly long in all sense).

Though the journey was long and tiresome but it gave me a blessing in disguise – DIGITAL DETOX.

Nevertheless it was a forceful one to start off and during initial hours due to bad network reception at times it was sort of frustrating. But slowly I started enjoying this phase of having no network range where I was getting no unwanted calls, notifications or an urge of browsing and slowly this lead to a sense of soothing and relaxation period of time which I had been longing for quite some time. 

So overall as I said earlier, it proved to be a blessing in disguise

Well in this world on WEB/Internet, we need let loose and definitely seek for some Digital Detox

PS : Now, we all can do this by switching off the cell/data but out of habit we keep turning it on. and stay glued in this digital world.

©Sajal Gupta – 23.12.2018

train on railroad tracks against sky

backpack bag blur commuter
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44 thoughts on “Digital Detox – Train Journey

  1. An excellent idea. I do this only when I travel, but it is very freeing. It is strange how much modern life has become a burden. Our phones are almost like shackles.

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  2. I love to disconnect at times. Pure silence. It happens during travels when I use my phone only for clicking pictures. And I love being in that zone,not checking social media, news or attending calls. Rejenuvating😀

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  3. Your post reminds me of one of my journey by train .. initially even I was checking my phone now and then and hoping for some good internet connection .. but then as the train was into the woods .. I totally forgot about the digital world and enjoyed the scenery .. all this reminds me of childhood days ..😃

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