What’s you best Cricket WC memories?

What’s you best Cricket World Cup memories?

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22 thoughts on “What’s you best Cricket WC memories?

  1. the best world cup memories will always be of 2003 WC. Though India lost that final one sided. But it will be remembered for many more years to come. The foremost reason for that is it was a reasonably young team and expectations were not very high from the team as they just came after drubbing from NZ in NZ. A lot of credit must go to the then captain Sourav Ganguly.

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      1. In 2015, when we lost to Australia in semi final……
        But it’s not the best memory…
        I just remember that Helicopter shot by MS, because I have seen it many times in the news…..
        I don’t remember at all the 2011 WC…
        Sorry…. 🤐

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              1. Yep, I agree.
                I was 6 then..
                I don’t know how and why I remember that so clearly!..
                It’s still fresh..
                I remember we watched in the Gallery. There was whole family in one room. I remember, we made some sweet dishes during the match I think…….
                That’s kinda strange to me!!….

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  2. As u said wc so it means any format wc ri8 ?
    So mine fav is of india vs Bangladesh t20 wc match which was held in chinaswamy stadium in banglore.
    Yeah that dhoni’s sprint to win the match by 1 run . It was do or die for hosts .
    And 2nd one is of 2011 wc , India vs england , which ended up in draw . That memorable spell of zaheer Khan ❤️

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