Beauty Of A Mother

Amazing – Dedicated to all Mothers 🙂

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woman holding baby while sitting on fur bean bag
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Good evening friends,

A mother who sacrifice everything for a child, without thinking what she will be getting in return, love of a mother is difficult to express in words, lifelong they work hard day and night , just to give the best to their children.

A little pain or injury to a child , mother’s heart palpitations will start, this happen automatically.

Parents will always worries for their children unseen path , prays to lord give best to their children.

We being a child having full responsibility of our words and actions towards our parents, holding their hand and walking is our right and respect for them, not an insult.

A mother who hold our hand teach us how to walk why we hesitate to hold them tight within our arms in their old age. They are our pride , with them our world is so beautiful.

Love mother…

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18 thoughts on “Beauty Of A Mother

  1. A mother’s love is unparalleled you only miss her when you see her empty chair you can change any one but mother remains the same while she lives you should know heaven is under her feet be brave and kind kiss her feet as your paradise remains with her the womb has to pay its debt so love her till she is there ohh I got so sentimental a fool this makes me run to my old mom right now love buddy thanks for this pop up

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