SHE #GuestPost

Brilliant Post by Prateeti!


She was someone, who had a Glamorous arrival with a hope of Fabulous Survival.

She was the one of a kind, who grew with a Positive Attitude and Practical Thoughts.

She was the one who wanted to live more and more. She never cared for the most difficult hurdles on her way.

She was someone, who was born with a determination to lead her beautiful life by spreading love and care.

woman sits on mountain under cloudy sky at sunset Photo by Pete Johnson on

She was the one of a kind, who believed that knowledge is power and Learning has no age bar.

She was the one, who was consistent and updated herself with the passing generation.

Though she had no chance of educating herself, she was never taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology etc…..etc….. But still she knew how to apply it only just by experiencing or going through the various kinds of situation.

She has…

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