Winner of #NoWordsWednesday Challenge 2

With appreciation received for Challenge 1, I continue with No Words Wednesday – Challenge #2 as a viewpoint that some pictures needs no description as it should speaks on its own and the viewer can get Indulge in that picture and weave their own imaginations.

I feel very ecstatic to see the excellent response received, with lots of people sharing their amazing pictures public transport. Below are the fellow bloggers who participated in this challenge. Do have a look at their work and stunning pictures posted.

Winner Well obviously it is always a difficult task to chose 1 winner among such talented photographers.

I am glad to announce that the Winner of this Challenge is, well this TIME I have 2 winners (Sorry couldn’t finalize a Single winner since both photos were unique in nature), and they are :

Do check it out their work right now and thank you all for liking this concept and participating!

grayscale photography of train on railroad near buildings
Photo by Jan Kroon on

We will be right back with a new challenge!

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