Winner of #NoWordsWednesday Challenge 1

Well I started No Words Wednesday Challenge as a viewpoint that some pictures needs no description as its beauty speaks on its own and the viewer can get Indulge in that picture and weave their own imaginations.
I feel very ecstatic to see the response received, with lots of people sharing their amazing pictures of nature bestowing a mesmerizing beauty. Below are the fellow bloggers who participated in this challenge. Do have a look at their work and stunning pictures posted.

Winner Well obviously it is always a difficult task to do to chose 1 winner. I actually consulted my wife (to have a neutral eye and help in chosing the winner). I am glad to announce that First winner of this Challenge isNeha Kulkarni – MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP

Do check it out right now and thank you all for liking this concept and participating! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We will be right back with new challenge!

34 thoughts on “Winner of #NoWordsWednesday Challenge 1

  1. I often love the photo but don’t particularly like the caption or blurb that goes with it. Then I don’t know whether to add a like as the ‘poetry’ spoils it! Anyway, this post is wonderful! Thanks for following my site.

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  2. As the competition is over..let me share with u the sad story behind the pic of puppy i posted. I took that pic same day from road side as i saw innocence in its eyes. Few days later i came to know that it had lost its life due to human cruelty….
    whenever i see that pic…i feel that innocent puppy is asking so many questions to selfish human beings…..i deleted that post immediately after knowing that incidentโ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธ

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  3. Thank you so much Sajal..It’s an honor for me…And also all my Well wishers…Thanks a million times…I saw the post in the morning and this put a big smile on my face…You surely made my day a happy one…Thank you very much you guys….

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  4. I was only able to find one through the first link. I like this idea. It gets people visiting other sites and kind of “being social’! I started – just for my blog – doing a Friday Photo with the idea of just posting a picture and not writing anything. Ha. I obviously am a chatterbox because I don’t think I have posted ONE without writing something. Oh well. Happy New Year!

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