Indonesia Tsunami – Devastating news

eruption of volcano during dawn
Photo by Pete Johnson on

In a devastating chain of natural disasters as Anak Krakatau (an active volcano) volcanic eruption resulted in underwater Tsunami which took away lives of 281 people reported till now in Sumatra and Java islands of Indonesia.

It was a very melancholic disaster since it came without warning. I have seen videos of people partying, families enjoying on beaches on the occurrence of full moon and year end vacation washed away in a split of second in Tsunami waves.

“Data collection is still ongoing. It’s likely that the number of victims and damages will rise,” as reported by local news authorities.

I reckon its a high time we start caring about nature. In this fast paced life we have forgotten if nature gives us all, it has its own right and strength to take away everything without any warning. We all know what needs to be done, it just a matter of fact that it needs to be done as soon as possible.

My heart and thoughts are with the people who lost lives and injured badly in this devastation and feel sorry for their losses.


© Sajal Gupta – 23.12.2018

Nature – Do not dare to mess with it.


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